Fishing ​Guidelines

Over the years, a lot of time and money has been spent on the fishery of Ponderosa Lake.  This has been done for the residents who enjoy the sport.  In order to keep our aquaculture healthy and strong, certain guidelines are in place for those who fish.

Please review these guidelines:

1.  Ponderosa Lake is a CATCH AND RELEASE lake.  By returning your fish catches to the lake, others can enjoy the thrill of catching a big fish. 

2.  All INVITED guests are allowed to fish, but must be accompanied by the property owner – no exceptions.

3.  Should a fish swallow the hook, please cut the line and let the fish go.The hook will rust away and be expelled by the fish.If it is hooked in a manner the fish is not expected to live, please keep and clean the fish. 

All residents, both lakeside and non-lakeside, are bound by these fishing rules.  Non-lakeside residents are always welcome to use the dock areas for swimming and fishing as long as rules are upheld.