Ponderosa Homeowners Association
Adopted: May 11, 2015

Boat Dock Guidelines

The Committee suggests the following guidelines for future construction on lake property: 

1. Limit sea walls in the future to NOT exceed 15 feet from an existing retaining wall. 

2. Limit docks without sea walls to 35 feet from shoreline.

3. Limit docks to 30 feet from the sea wall.

4. No canopy or top covers for boat lifts.

5. Docks need to be approved by the committee.

6. Lifts need to be approved by the committee.

7. Recommends no Ice Eaters in the future.  If you already have one, use it for your dock or lift only.​​

Dock  Guidelines​

Download PDF version below:
2015 Ponderosa HOA Dock Guidelines